How We Make A Difference

Our Mission

To work in collaborative partnership with Ugandan community-led, grass-roots projects to empower children, adults, older adults and communities to step out of poverty and fulfil their potential.

What We Do

The Uganda Foundation is committed to solving the diverse and complex challenges confronting communities and individuals in Ugandan society.

Working within the United Nations Global Goals framework, we are dedicated to ensuring sustainable development, promoting economic and social empowerment and an independence from aid.

This is achieved using a collaborative partnership approach, we work with people on the ground in Uganda and empower them with the skills, opportunities and resources they need to drive positive, long lasting change for themselves and their communities.

How We Do It

We recognise that true sustainable development must be lead by the community you aim to support. Therefore we focus on taking our lead from talented Ugandans who have a passion for empowering their community. After all they have been working and living in the field all their life.

That is why the buck stops with our Masaka Board. Our board is made up of 5 very experienced Masaka based community leaders. With 67 combined years of working in the development field our board members have insight into all areas of development and know best practice when it comes to supporting their community.

It is for this reason that they are at the heart of all decision making on how donated money is utilised to have max positive impact in Masaka.

To make the The Uganda Marathon Foundation an accountable Ugandan owned charity we implement the following structure form the point any donation is received:

  1. Masaka Team are informed by the International Trustees of the donation its size and the funders target beneficiary
  2. Relevant project leads are sent the information and come up with an impact plan.
  3. Project impact plans are reviewed and tweaked by the Masaka Board and sent back to projects for approval
  4. Approved plans are sent to International Trustees who review, approve and release funds
  5. Once funds arrive in Masaka they are transferred to the Projects bank account
  6. Bank slips are uploaded onto our online transparent finance system for all the public to see
  7. Our full time Masaka based Monitoring and Evaluating team visit the project at least every two months working alongside project leads to help its development
  8. Funder gets a full detailed report of their legacy in Masaka in a expertly crafted report which every quarter is uploaded to our transparent finances system for all to see
  9. Project has a sustainable program targeted to support some of the most vulnerable people in Masaka. Designed and led by their peers!!