The funding received is the vital first building block in the beginning of building a better life.

Here we want to recognise those individuals that are bold enough to take on the challenge and build a firm foundation for themselves and their dependants to stand on. Setting a solid base that allows them to create a better future for all.

The true heroes and heroines behind community impact.


Matovu Richard is a 17 old young lad who has self-funded his education by paying in kind completing jobs for teachers and schools. Last year however he stepped out of senior 1 education to support his 6 younger siblings through their primary education. By choosing to leave education he was able to work for money and help pay for his 4 sisters and 2 brothers to attend school. But because he was an exceptional student being head boy of his year and performing well academically his old head teacher Mrs Nakyanzi Sophie was looking for ways to support him back into school. This is where Bugabira Primary school stepped in, and through the recommendation of Mrs Nakyanzi Sophie, Matovu was hired to look after the 210 poultry chickens the Uganda Marathon funded as an income generator for the school. He now earns a monthly wage and has his food and accommodation covered by the school. This allows him to continue to support his siblings as well as save for his own secondary education. Under Matovu’s first 5 months watch the chickens have matured and are now laying their first eggs.
Fast forward one year Matovu has earned enough money to enter secondary school and is enrolled at St Bruno SS. He is once again excelling academically even after over a year’s break from formal education.
His own grit and determination is super impressive and we can’t wait to see this young leader develop as he gets the educational he can truly say he has earned himself.
And what’s even more exciting is the chickens have been restocked and another focused young individual has taken on the reigns and is empowering himself into further education in this self-sustaining program.