The Uganda Foundation Trustee Application Form

Apply to join the team of a growing charity that’s making a huge difference in Uganda

Thank you for applying to become a Trustee for The Uganda Foundation. This is an exciting opportunity for a key role in a growing charity that makes a huge difference in Uganda.

The position of trustee means that you, with your fellow Trustees, will have overall legal responsibility for The Uganda Foundation and our amazing work in Masaka. The board of Trustees has control of the management, administration, and governance of the charity, which puts you in a position to do something incredible and make a truly lasting difference.

We are currently looking to fill 4 specific postions on the Trustee board, which give individual work areas as well as the general responsibilities of a Trustee member. Please make sure you have read The Essential Trustee Guide, published on the Government website.

If you have any questions, please email Julia Fernando at