Youth With a Vision

Areas of work

  • Quality Education
  • Health and Well-Being
  • Sustainable Communities

John & Josephine Mugabe who run the Youth With a Vision project.

With a catchment area serving young people and babies aged between 1-30 years of age, YWAV have set themselves the challenge of reaching out to nearly 75% of the population of Masaka Region. They target unemployed, orphaned, disabled and illiterate individuals, the majority of whom depend on less than 75p a day, a tiny amount that clearly doesn’t allow for schooling costs and traps people into a cycle of poverty.

Over the past 3 years, Uganda Marathon runners have been fundraising for YWAV and have been able to support 39 youths to gain employment and start their own businesses through a microfinance scheme. YWAV also support young and vulnerable children through foster home programs, taking in babies and young children who otherwise would be homeless.

All This amazing work comes out of the love and huge hearts of John Mugabe and his wife Josephine Mugabe who on their own cater for 7 foster children!

2018 Goals for Youth With a Vision

  1. Support 9 fostered children through primary education by the end of 2019.
  2. To secure 9 foster child placements in a sustainable manner by the end of 2019.

How you’ll help us achieve the goals

In setting up so many young entrepreneurs as part of the Uganda Marathon & YWAV Microfinance Scheme, there has been one big challenge in particular that has stood out for the majority who have engaged in livestock businesses. The fluctuating prices of animal feeds can cripple a business as it makes it extremely hard to predict the required saving patterns. These fluctuations occur when Masaka farmers sell their feeds in bulk to Rwandan and Congolese buyers, the supply does not meet demand, which pushes up the price in the Masaka Region. This leaves small-scale farmers unable to compete bankrupt or with starving livestock. YWAV have devised a plan that requires a small amount of funding to support hundreds of these farmers each season, including their own beneficiaries, when the huge price increases occur. They will use the fundraising to buy maize in bulk when the price is low and then store it safely. When the price increases, they will maintain a fair price and target only small hold vulnerable farmers as their customers. The net profit they do make will be put into supporting 9 children, in their foster care program, with school fees.

Legacy Story

Here is an incredible story from one of the many youths who have undertaken YWAV’s mirco finance scheme and become a job creator.

NAME:  Nassuuna Prossy


My achievements since I joined the UGM – YWAV Youth Financial Scheme

Before the Uganda Marathon – YWAV Youth Financial Scheme, I had completed a 6 month basic secretarial course. However, I had looked for jobs and couldn’t get one yet. I had no money to start a secretarial bureau of my own. There came a youth financial opportunity from the Uganda Marathon and Youth With A Vision. I enrolled in the project and started and completed my internship supplemented with regular courses on finances management. After undergoing all of these stages, I was offered a loan which helped me to start a small business dealing in stationery. I bought a computer set, a printer and paper materials which helps me to earn a living through typing and printing documents for my customers. My goal is to become the best stationery shop in Greater Masaka area.

Impact Reports for Youth With a Vision

September 2018 Report