Women’s Soroptimists Masaka

Areas of work

  • Women’s Prison
  • Women and Girls Hygiene

Uganda Marathon Runners in 2016, producing feminine hygiene products for women in prison.

Women’s Soroptimist’s Masaka is a group of professional women who have come together to combine their skills and knowledge to support less fortunate women than themselves.

Women’s rights have only recently started being truly recognised in Uganda and it is taking time for both Women and Men to understand what that means. The traditional place for a woman in Uganda is to be submissive to their husband, almost regardless of the situation, but now more and more women are standing up, gaining employment and becoming financially self-reliant.

Women’s Soroptimists helps the most vulnerable of the girls and women in their community such as: women caught in the prison system; families headed by young girls; and teenage girls who are at high risk of underage pregnancy, rape and forced marriage. They support these groups through counselling, financial support, skills training and also donations of women’s hygiene products.

Previous Uganda Marathon runners have supported the Women’s Soroptimists in two sustainable programs. The first is a sanitary and paper bag making factory that uses recycled waste paper and banana fibres to make paper bags and sanitary pads for sale and donations to their beneficiaries. The second is a recently opened restaurant that donates all profits to directly support families who are headed by young girls.

With your support we want to do more!

2018 Goals for Women’s Soroptimists Masaka

  1. To create a Women’s Soroptimists centre and halfway house that will help 100 women a year, in their transition out of prison.
  2. To provide extra curriculum training for school drop-outs, teaching them vocational and life skills.

How you’ll help us achieve the goals

Building and maintaining a purpose-built Women’s Centre is not easy, but The Women’s Soroptimists are looking at it in a very sustainable way. The group has created a 4-year plan, in which they will leverage already existing knowledge and skills within the group, launching a thriving poultry farm. With your fundraising, the group can add 1,000 birds to their farm and they have the resources to benefit massively from economies of scale by combining this with their other projects. With the running costs sustainably covered, the profits from this project can be saved in a high-interest account and within 4 years the group will have enough to build their own centre.

The ownership that the Womens’ Soroptimists will have over this centre, after 4 years of hard work, will be incredible. They will also still have the £430 coming in each month to pay for staffing cost, utilities and the best support that a vulnerable woman just leaving prison could ask for!


Legacy Story

Shannon is a 9 years old girl and after being abandoned by her mother she has become the head of her family, sourcing food for her two younger siblings.

This incredibly strong young girl is now being supported by Women’s Soroptimists Friends Point Restaurant to attain basic needs for her family and to even attend school! With such a strong spirit we are excited about seeing how far Shanita can go given this opportunity.

Impact Reports for Women’s Soroptimists